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Forest Edge Shining Stars Recognized at Oregon-Brooklyn Optimist Meeting June 3, 2021 (left to right):  Leona Patterson, Anika Angel, Zac Johnson and Gracie Mack.  Missing is Preston Kromm and Molly Hoppe.  CONGRATULATIONS!!

Anika Angel, 5th Grade:  Anika is an exemplary student! Her smile and presence radiate kindness and respect for all of those around her. She is considerate and includes all ideas of her group members at all times, making certain that everyone has a voice. She also knows when it is time to make change and advocates for herself to be successful in her academic endeavors! Anika sets challenging academic goals for herself and works hard to achieve them and help others meet them too! Anika continually shines in all areas she is involved in and out of school; orchestra, voice lessons, dance, and piano.

Gracie Mack, 5th Grade:  Gracie is a shining star and so much more! Gracie shows responsibility as a fifth-grade student and always gives 110 percent. She is dedicated to her learning and helping others around her learn as well. Gracie is a respectful student, but also a friend to everyone. She always makes sure all students feel welcome, included, and part of our classroom community. She is bright, energetic, and kind to everyone! Her optimism shines and makes FES an even brighter place. Keep being your AMAZING self, Gracie!

Preston Kromm, 5th Grade: Preston is a shining star in so many areas of his life.   At school, Preston is an extremely responsible young man.  He puts forth his best effort on all that he does.  He’s willing to lend a hand to anyone in need and is a great team player when working in a group.  This team player mentality also carries over to his life on the ice.  He is an extremely talented, yet humble, hockey player, scoring many goals and assists to help his team make its way to the Wisconsin State Hockey Tournament.  Preston is also the big brother to three adorable siblings.  His patience and kindness is extremely evident as he interacts with them.  Preston is an all-around superstar.  Forest Edge is so fortunate to have you on our team!

Zac Johnson, 6th Grade:  It is our pleasure to recognize Zac with the Shining Star award.  This difficult school year has presented new challenges for students on a daily basis. Thankfully, Zac has the ability and determination to effectively problem solve, improving not only his own situation, but helping others too. Whether it is stellar home office design and how to take charge of learning, or how to troubleshoot computer internal microphone problems, Zac is a good person to have around. Since we have started back in person, we get to appreciate Zac even more. Of course, he is still extremely helpful and full of good ideas, but there is an optimistic excitement he brings into the classroom every day. He exudes a kindness which makes him very approachable and liked by his peers. He is willing to step into leadership roles in group work, but also willing to share the spotlight. He is a true shining star.

Molly Hoppe, 6th Grade:  It is our pleasure to recognize Molly with the Shining Star award. Molly sets an excellent example to other students by engaging during instruction, participating in discussions, and pushing herself academically. Due to her confidence as a student, combined with her ability to interact easily with peers, others often look to her for help, and she is always happy to oblige. She navigates the social dynamics of the classroom or group work with grace, by knowing how to share the spotlight, how to help people feel included, and how to keep a positive attitude. She is able to balance her academic achievements and prowess in the pool with an admirable humility and natural demeanor which make her a great leader. We are very proud to nominate her as a shining star.

Leona Patterson- 5th Grade: It is our pleasure to recognize Leona with the Shining Star award. She exemplifies the attributes of a shining star by having self-confidence, leadership abilities, and optimism. Leona takes on challenges and has no problem putting herself out there, in front of her peers, with incredible confidence and a positive attitude. Leona’s leadership can be seen with her ease of interaction with fellow classmates, encouraging and helping them whether working as a class or in a group setting. Her contagious optimism is always apparent in the great energy she brings to class and her persistent smile which is evident even with masks! Leona is a true shining star! 

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