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Did you know the Guinness World Records reports that 12,350 is the current record for the most kites flown at once!! Can you imagine how the sky would look with 12, 350 dancing colorful kites? That would be really cool!!

We may not be able to break the world record, but it would still be cool to see the sky over Anderson Farm County Park be colored with kites of all colors and shapes. You have a few weeks to search for the ultimate kite before the 2nd annual Kite Fly-In at Anderson Farm County Park.

Plan to join "kids" of all ages and abilities, on Sunday May 7 from 1-3pm, to fly a kite. Kites will be provided to the first 50 attendees or bring your own dragon, delta, box, foil or diamond kite.



What we do

The Oregon-Brooklyn Optimist Club encourages children to succeed academically and to participate in making their communities a better place. We also recognize adult members of our villages for their contributions to the well-being of the community, be it through volunteer or professional activities. Lastly, we organize fundraising activities to help finance local projects and - most importantly - award outstanding students the Ina Stoehr Optimist Scholarship every year.

How to help

Please consider joining the Oregon-Brooklyn Optimist Club and making a difference in the lives of our communities. Alternatively, you may donate to our service club and help us recognize outstanding students and residents of Oregon and Brooklyn, or help others in need through charitable projects.

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Latest project

We recently participated in raising funds for cancer relief and the ongoing Splash Pad project in Oregon.


Additionally, our group volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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